What do our striking Doctors really want?

So it turns out that our doctors are not only demonstrating for a revised pay cheque, but the entire healthcare delivery system in the public health care sector.

Some quarters from our society have agreed or sympathised with our doctors while others have blamed them for valuing money more than the lives of vulnerable patients they are meant to serve and save.

However it turns out that they are bringing to the table a number of issues which we should be paying attention to and addressing.

The doctors are saying pay us what we deserve and also improve on the healthcare service delivery at large.

They are saying “yes we are called to save lives but not to watch people die.” Some people have blamed them for not being committed enough to the “calling” of saving lives through providing healthcare services.

The doctors have pointed out that yes we can  come to work and get paid fairly but what does it help to attend to patients when the hospital are not functioning as they should.

Their cry is over poor working conditions with limited medical supplies and poor equipment.

So is paying our doctors well enough going to solve our healthcare service delivery problems? Or we can do with well-run and well supplied hospitals first then we address the doctors’ salary concerns later?

What is you take? Share with us your thoughts?




  1. being a doctor comes with a lot of responsibilities hence they should provide medical services even under harsh circumstances .That`s what they wanted “to save lives “,they must not strike leaving patients suffering in agony they should work and let the problems rectified without costing life .Common sense and being human is needed .

  2. Thank you for your comments Panashe. Have they reneged on their oath or they are saying that there is more to their grievances than money issues? Aren’t they tabling more issues than their financial rewards?

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