Which Law Governs Medical Aid Societies In Zimbabwe?

In Zimbabwe medical aid societies are governed by the Ministry of Health and Child Care. The ministry is there to provide oversight on the construct and conduct of any medical aid society doing business in Zimbabwe.

However there has been some schools of thought which suggest that medical aid societies should be under the ministry of Finance for the simple reason that they are “medical insurance” and should be regarded like other insurance services in Zimbabwe. That debate is currently going on.

The legal instrument used is Statutory Instrument 330 of 2000 which specifically deals with the medical aid societies through the Medical Services (Medical Aid Societies) regulation of 2000.

It is from this instrument that medical aid societies are regulated from the registration stage, through their operational conduct, their financial matters as well as their dissolution.

It is also from the same instrument that members of the public are guided on the general rules and regulations which form the basis for some of the rules that are imposed by medical aid societies.

Members of the public can also get some insights on some fundamental rules which obtain in the medical aid industry.

While medical aid societies seek to compete on how they can be different from each other, there are some elements which are common practice across the medical aid industry.

So we encourage members of the public and medical aid member firms to familiarise themselves with the statutory instrument for guidance on matters of compliance and general regulations.

The document can be sourced from the Government printers.

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