How Do You Choose A Medical Aid Scheme To Join?

It is not easy to make a decision on which medical aid scheme to join. It is a complex decision to make in view of various factors like your income, your own risk profile as well as that of your family, benefits on offer and medical aid card utility.

For organisations it is more difficult to appease the expectations of different employees who value different elements of a medical aid scheme.

Medical Chat shares with you hints on choosing a medical aid scheme.


Before you shop around for a medical aid scheme and before you sign on that application form take time to evaluate your own risk profile.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. OWN PROFILE – What is my/our demographic overview? Consider the ages of your family, like are you still raising a family or you are done with babies? What is the average subscriptions which you are comfortable with to sustain your contributions without lapsing your membership. Do you have a pre-existing chronic condition which needs to be taken care of?
  2. SCHEME MODEL – What kind of medical scheme model is most ideal for us? You choose between the traditional medical aid scheme where all benefits are loaded whether you will use them or not. Or the Hospital-Only scheme which covers you only in the event of an extended hospital admission, then you pay out of pocket for all out-of-hospital expenses? Or you prefer an in-house corporate scheme which is ring-fenced to a private organisation with a high number of employees and their families? Or you want a health insurance model which pays out cash for specific health conditions but does not cover your day to day medical expenses?

Medical Chat is available to help you self-evaluate your risk profile and provide your organisation with guidance on which medical aid scheme to choose, for free.

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