How Do You Choose A Medical Aid Scheme To Join? Part Two

One of the early indicators when shopping around for a medical aid scheme are to determine what you really need between Full Cover vs. In-Hospital plan.

Full Cover schemes are your traditional comprehensive medical aid schemes which are loaded with all the medical cover benefits whether you are going to use them or not. These schemes offer comprehensive cover for both in and out of hospital medical expenses.

Such schemes are flooded on the market and they are pretty much a “copy-and-paste” model. They are the generic medical aid scheme which are typically an “all fruits in a basket” concept.

In-Hospital schemes or “Hospital Only” on the other hand are schemes which only come in to assist you only and when you are hospitalised. The scheme benefits are availed to you only when you have been admitted into a medical facility. Some schemes specify when your benefits would become “usable” like to say they will cover you after a pre-determined number of days of your hospitalisation. For the In-Hospital or Hospital Only scheme you are not covered for any primary care or out-of-hospital medical expenses. You have to be admitted for you to get cover form this or such schemes.

So you have to determine if you are generally healthy and whether you can afford the normal and random out of hospital medical expenses such as GP and specialists visits, diagnostic investigations and medication purchases from pharmacies. Then you would rather save money by signing up on a Hospital Only scheme. Hospital plans are often far more affordable than full medical cover. This option is ideal for the young and generally healthy people who can afford to pay cash for that random and rare eventuality of primary health care.

Traditional Full Cover schemes would be ideal for those with regular medical issues and are always in and out of the doctors rooms or they carry a chronic condition which has to be managed. Full Cover scheme options would appeal to those who are generally vulnerable to some form of health related issues, which occur at regular intervals.

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