How Do You Choose A Medical Aid Scheme To Join? Part Three

How to choose a medical aid scheme in zimbabwe
How to choose a medical aid scheme in zimbabwe

One can be forgiven for making a quick and convenient decision to sign up with one medical aid scheme over the other without really paying attention to some silent features, yet critical in the whole decision making process.

Reputation is one such fundamental element in business and any serious business will always want to guard against any reputational damage. Once your reputation is tainted it is always going to be more difficult to repair than it took to build in the first place.

For medical aid societies or schemes there is no escaping this principle.

Medical aid societies are in the business of paying claims. That’s all they do. Anything else is extra serving. Essentially  medical aid is there to pay for their members’ medical bills. This is premised on the understanding that members will pay their monthly subs, and pool together their collective resources, in return for settlement of medical claims on their behalf by the medical aid society they belong to.

Granted, once in a while a medical aid society may run into financial challenges owing to claims overrun and then fail to pay all the medical claims presented to them by medical practitioners. Such issues do happen and can be experienced by any medical aid society.

However, the religious consistency of failing to honour most of the claims by the society therein lies the differences between players in the medical aid industry.

Varying submissions can be made as explanations to the consistent failure to settle medical claims. We shall not dwell on them in this scene.

So potential members of any medical aid scheme are guided to exercise due diligence and ascertain if a medical aid society is renowned for delinquent behaviour when it comes to paying medical service providers.

As a regular paying member you do not want to visit a service provider and be told “we are not accepting your medical aid”. Yet other medical aid schemes are accepted. Usually this is the worst moment to be given that kind of “update” because that is when you are at your most vulnerable moment. You are not feeling well, you need medical attention here and now, you do not have excess money to carry around and you thought you had medial aid cover.

One of the basic elements to look out for when shopping around for a medical aid scheme to join is to check their track record.

This can be done by indirect verification through your regular service providers including your G.P. They have up to date knowledge of which society is paying and which one is not. They are a reliable source for references. They will be able to tell you of their experience with the various medical aid societies.

Medical aid societies will of necessity tell you that their card is extensively accepted. Verify.

For further assistance when you are shopping around for a medical aid scheme, or for any other related issues, contact your independent medical aid consultant and advisor:

Joseph Nkani

+263 772 415 660

+263 719 415 660

+263 732 415 660


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