Medical Chat is a public platform administered by Stanrosa Business Associates where we seek to engage in open, objective, factual and analytical dialogue to explore the dynamics obtaining in the medical aid industry and the general healthcare ecosystem in Zimbabwe.

Medical Chat plays a broker role between stakeholders and allows for engagement and sharing divergent views to issues in the health insurance industry and the healthcare services at large.

Ultimately this platforms seeks to be a resource hub for information exchange.

Medical Chat is also an independent broker platform where we assist in evaluating medical aid schemes.

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Contributory content (editorial and commercial) from various stakeholders is welcome, provided it meets with the objectives of the platform, and is subject to editorial and commercial policy of Medical Chat.

Medical Chat is directed by Joseph Nkani (through Stanrosa Business Associates) who has twenty-one years sales and marketing experience, eleven of which have been in the medical aid sector as a marketer. Joseph has total thirty years (1988-2018) of working experience largely in services marketing. The later six years (2011-2017) of the eleven years spent in the medical aid industry have been at senior management level as a Sales and Marketing Manager at a local medical aid society. A sober family man and an enthusiastic sports person with particular interest in soccer. Joe is also a passionate photographer who enjoys travelling to see new places and faces.